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is to foster opportunities and act as a resource for companies who are part of the growing commercial link between New York City and Nashville.

Why New York & Nashville?

While New York is quite commonly known as the most populous city in the U.S., the greater Nashville Metropolitan area has seen some of the highest percentage growth in population in the past decade, according to the most recent census.




New York and Nashville are both among the top 35 U.S. Metropolitan areas with the highest Gross Domestic Products. They are also both ranked among the top 50 Metropolitan areas for exports in the U.S.



In the past two decades, 200+ international companies across a wide spectrum of industries have either relocated or expanded into Middle Tennessee. Many of these companies are either headquartered in New York or hold offices there.



Both New York and Nashville are epicenters for several shared industries, such as pharmaceuticals; healthcare; entertainment; real estate; banking and finance; higher education; printing and publishing; insurance; hospitality; and technology. 





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NY Developer Acquires $16 Million Property in Nashville

May 2021

New York City-based development company Flank Inc. recently purchased a $16 million piece of property in Nashville's North Gulch district, adding to the company's quickly growing footprint in the city. The purchase comes on the heels of Flank's new residential and retail high-rise building project (also located in The Gulch) that began construction earlier this year. 

Source: Nashville Post



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